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The Muses BE candle 110g and box
The Muses BE candle 110g and box
The Muses BE candle 110g in brass container
Repurposed Muses container pen pot
The Muses BE candle 110g and box
The Muses BE candle 110g and box
The Muses BE candle 110g in brass container
Repurposed Muses container pen pot

BE Candle 110g



A unique union of green florals and foliage.  Sweet, wild grass layered with a gentle citrus twist of bergamot and lime.  The subtle woodiness from Himalayan bamboo and the sweet, green tones of violets are topped with a core of lush, rich green foliage.    

Be is a fresh, inspiring fragrance.  Perfect for your alone time.

110g/ 3.9 oz. soy, rapeseed, coconut and beeswax candle in a handmade pure brass container.  When burned properly, you will enjoy more than 20 hours of a fresh, fragrant atmosphere.

Be has a medium throw -  offering a lovely soft scent, even when it’s not burning.

Our keepsake pure brass container was hand-forged by skilful artisans and was created to be beautifully repurposed.  Each piece is perfectly imperfect – slight flaws on the surface are part of the charm.

  1. The first burn is the most important. Burn your candle for approximately 3 to 4 hours the first time, or until the wax has melted to the edges. Wax has memory so if your candle doesn't burn to the edges on its initial burn, it will begin to tunnel through the centre of your candle. 
  2. After the initial burn light your candle for up to 3 hours at a time. The recommended burning time is between 1 ½ hours and 3 hours to get the best fragrance from your candle. Allow the candle wax to solidify before relighting
  3. Remove the tip of the wick before each burn.  A small flower shape may have formed at the end of wick (this is perfectly normal). Simply remove the small petals with your fingers or carefully trim with a wick trimmer.  Our candles are natural and do not require ruthless trimming, because natural wax does not get as hot as synthetic wax, and the wick and flame should never get too big. 
  4. Keep the candle away from airstreams such as windows, fans or open AC vents as this will make the flame burn through the wax faster.
  5. After extinguishing your candle with a snuffer (ideally), centre and straighten the wick (if it needs it), whilst the wax is still molten. Long and crooked wicks can create high flames, smoking or soot. 
  6. You should use your candle in a well-ventilated room, to ensure the fragrance does not overwhelm
  7. When your candle has 5mm of wax left at the bottom, it has finished and it is advised not to burn it further. Follow the recycling instructions for advice and ideas on how to reuse your container.

        1. Always place your candle in a safe area on a heat proof, non-flammable surface where it can be seen and enjoyed. We suggest using a coaster or our marble lid/ trivet underneath your Muses candle.

        2. Never leave your candle unattended.  Keep your candle clear of anything that could catch fire, and away from drafts that could distress the flame. If you have children or pets, place the candle far out of reach.

        3. Do not move or tip a burning candle.  Always extinguish the flame first and allow some time for it to cool as the container will get hot. Ideally wait until the wax is hard and the jar is cool before touching or moving.  If you need to move an extinguished candle before the container has cooled, use a cloth to handle.


        Our candle containers are handcrafted by traditional metal smiths and are intended to be used for life. 

        The container can be kept dust free with a dry microfibre cloth.  No harsh cleaning products are required.

        If you burn your candle for a long time, you may find smoke around the top of the container.  This is perfectly normal.  You can use a damp microfibre cloth to clean the soot away. 


          Our Values

          Sustainability sits at the heart of everything for us: our choice of materials, packaging, sourcing, production, shipping and business practices.

          Our candles are hand poured using 100% natural wax which is from renewable sources and certified sustainable. 
          Our pure brass containers can be reused, repurposed or recycled indefinitely. 
          Our packaging and shipping materials are made from recycled material, FSC certified and fully recyclable.
          We use as little plastic as possible and do not wrap our boxes in cellophane.
          We offset our carbon footprint and plant a tree for every candle sold.

          We create modern, luxury candles with beautiful fragrances for people to enjoy without the worry of what’s in them or how they are made.

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