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The science of scent and how it affects your life

Scent scaping is about exploring the intersection between smells and scent psychology and how we can use the power of this sense to actually impact our emotions. Our sense of smell can have a tangible impact...

Biophilic design could be the key to happy home

Biophilic design. As we’ve officially transitioned into spring, with the sun shining more and flora beginning to thrive, it's the perfect time to surround yourself by nature - and bring the outside in. And biophilic design allows...

Mindful spring cleaning: The ultimate how-to!

The shift into spring, with its promise of warmer weather and brighter landscapes, is always one to relish. Like every quarter of the year, it's also an opportunity to step back, reset and spring clean (mindfully of course)!

Six simple ways to boost energy

Do some exercise: Exercise is a natural energy booster, because whenever you do it, oxygen-rich blood surges through your body to your heart, muscles, and brain. ​​​​​​​​It doesn't have to take long - if you've...

3 Wellness Switches to make this year

Although many people may roll their eyes at resolutions, I think they’re the perfect way to embrace the re-setting of the calendar.  If they make you feel good, embrace them. If they don’t, leave them...

4 Ways to Cleanse your Daily Routine

This time of year is the perfect chance to step back and strip back. By switching the script and encouraging yourself to cut habits, instead of creating new ones (new year resolutions anyone?), not only...

Tips for having a self-care shower

When time is tight, we've discovered a wonderful secret to keep that cup topped up ... a self-care shower.

Fragrance zoning a tool for day-to-day wellbeing

How fragrance helps improve your day-to-day wellbeing.

Enjoy our Candles: Worry Free

Why you can enjoy our candles worry free.

Scent Stories: BE

A fragrance to create time to just be.