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The Muses Be candle and Tonic candle on marble background

Handcrafting natural, sustainable candles to inspire your time...

The Muses is an independent candle design studio, based in London.  We are a small team, handcrafting candles using a blend of beeswax, rapeseed, coconut and soy wax, essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils.    The idea for The Muses was formed in 2017 by Fiona Utting in a kitchen, in the sun-drenched city of Johannesburg, South Africa.  

Living far away from her native London with her husband and children, Fiona started to handcraft and burn scented candles as a form of therapy for a back condition.  She learned along the way that making time for the important things in her life was crucial to her recovery and to her overall wellbeing.  

Her far flung travels across Africa offered a wealth of inspiration:  the sense of being in a place that hadn’t changed for centuries, raw landscapes, vibrant colours and the beauty of the artisanal and handcrafted.  In stark contrast to its magnificence, she saw first-hand its vulnerability to climate change – droughts, reduction in crop yields, water scarcity, weather extremes and the resulting impacts on communities.

The style and direction for The Muses was honed between the streets of London and Fiona's African adventures. Now back in London, The Muses launched in May 2020, with a full commitment to sustainable & ethical practices.

The result is a capsule collection of sustainable, beautifully fragranced, hand-crafted candles, each designed to inspire your time. 

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