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Sustainable & Conscious Design

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At every turn these days it seems our choices impact the world around us.  As consumers we are often unaware of the impact we are having.  And buying sustainably still feels complicated and requires leg work.  In our view, it should be part of everyday life. A simple decision to purchase a product shouldn’t lead to a long list of unintended environmental or ethical impacts. 

A significant proportion of a product’s environmental impact is defined during the design process.  This in turn affected our choice of materials, packaging, production and shipping. 


The Wax

Our candles are made with a natural wax blend of bees, rapeseed, coconut and soy wax. 
  • Rapeseed wax – natural, renewable, biodegradable, non-GMO.
  • Beeswax - a by-product of honey production, it’s natural, renewable and biodegradable.
  • Coconut wax is a renewable, high-yield crop. It is also non-GMO.
  • Soy wax – natural, renewable, biodegradable. (Some sources of soy wax are not regarded as sustainable due to impacts from intensive soybean farming processes like deforestation and displacement of small farmers and indigenous peoples.) We use a renewable soy wax product that is certified sustainable, biodegradable and manufactured from renewable sources.

The Fragrance

Our candles are made with a blend of essential oils and botanical fragrance oils.  We consciously chose to work with an infusion of both because our research shows that the production of essential oils has a higher environmental, and sometimes ethical, cost than the production of fragrance oils.  We have sourced eco-conscious and sustainable alternatives that best respect the environment and a have a positive social impact, rather than simply pushing for a pure essential oil solution.  

When we use essential oils, we ensure they are produced responsibly in Europe, transported by ship and do not feature on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. 

When we decided to incorporate fragrance oils into our candles, we were clear that the oils we use had to be free from petroleum, phthalates, parabens and sulphates.  Whilst these ingredients are found in everyday products, there are health concerns linked to each that are under review.  We’d rather be safe than sorry. 

The decision is not clear cut and is something we re-evaluate continuously as things develop and change.  We aim to balance the benefits and disadvantages of each. 

The Wick 

Our wicks are 100% cotton and lead-free.


The Container

Our containers are made from pure brass.  Brass is a cradle-to-cradle metal, meaning that it is 100% recyclable and can be recycled or repurposed indefinitely - each time it is recycled into a new product, the properties of the metal are retained.  It can have an endless life.  No other material outside of metal can do this – not glass, ceramic, paper, wood or stone.     

It is lightweight and creates a smaller carbon footprint than glass when it comes to transportation.  The packaging needed to keep them safe during transportation is also lighter and there is no need to wrap the containers in bubble wrap (which is often the case when receiving glass from manufacturers) – reducing single use plastic. 

The Box

Our candle boxes and liners are made from paper which is made here in the UK.  The paper is fully recyclable and biodegradable.  The paper is FSC certified meaning the pulps used are from managed forests (for every tree felled, three are planted) and unused water during the paper production process is returned to the river.  It is also heavy metal free, and the bleaching process used during production is chlorine free.

Shipping Material

As an e-commerce business, we can’t get away from using packaging to ship our products. We use products that are recyclable, made from recycled materials and right-sized to reduce waste.

Your beautiful candles are wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper and tied with ribbon made from 100% post-consumer waste plastic bottles. The inserts are printed on recycled paper and the Thank You note is made from 100% recycled t-shirts.

Our boxes are corrugated cardboard made from 100% recycled material, printed with water-based ink and sturdy enough to be used again. 

The tape used is made from coated brown paper, covered with natural rubber glue and 100% recyclable.

We aim to use right sized boxes for your purchase – reducing wasteful use of packaging and the need for filler. Should we need to use filler, we use 100% biodegradable paper. 

These materials are accepted by most home recycling services in the UK.

Production Process

We strive for an efficient and sustainable production process. 

We wick, mix, pour, label and finish our candles by hand, in small batches.  We use the exact materials needed at each stage to ensure we do not over produce - as over production can cause significant waste.

Following this process also means we use less energy than larger, machine-led producers.  

Shipping & Delivery

Whenever we need to import supplies from overseas, we ensure this is done by sea freight, which has a lower carbon footprint than air freight.  We also try to source our supplies as close to home as possible.               

As an ecommerce company we need to get our product to you.  There are many ways this can happen.  Our view is to get our products to you as quickly, cost-effectively and sustainably as possible. This has led us to identify and use delivery companies that are committed to electric vehicles (and investing further in their fleets), carbon offsetting, and who offer alternatives to home delivery.    

Giving Back

Despite our best efforts, our activities will still impact the environment.  As a small company we are committed to offsetting our carbon footprint.  We are members of Offset Earth, and offset our workforce carbon footprint, and work towards creating a climate positive workforce.  We also plant a tree for every candle we sell.  We believe this is a good start in pushing us closer towards achieving our longer term sustainability goals.

Our Future Commitments

We are a young brand and as we grow we expect to update and improve our environmental footprint further.  This will require us to review our current and future arrangements and working habits, including: sustainable delivery, increasing support to environmental projects, switching to 100% renewable energy, reduced packaging and further increasing our transparency.

We will keep updating as we progress and make further improvements. 

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way to the end!

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