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Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle

 The Muses candles, boxes and containers on display with exotic feathers and marble lids


Our containers are designed to be used for life!  

Getting ready to repurpose

To reuse your Muses container, follow these instructions:

  1. Wait until the candle has burned 5mm from its base

  2. To remove the remaining wax, place the container in the freezer to contract the wax. Once it’s contracted it can be pulled out. If it proves to be a little tricky, use a spoon to lever the wax from the base.

  3. Alternatively, discard the remaining wax on your final burn (if the container is hot remember to use a cloth to handle) – into the waste bin.

  4. Immediately wipe the inside of the container with a cloth and warm water to remove any residual liquid. Do not use abrasive materials to clean the container as this can damage it.

  5. If you wish to remove the label, soak the brass container in hot water for a few minutes until it begins to soften and lift. Pull off the label and wipe any residue glue from the container with a soft cloth. 

Repurposing Ideas

Now to the fun part.  We think there are many ways to reuse the container.  Here are some of our favourites:


Plant Pot  


Plants can purify the air in your home.  They are very beautiful, versatile and provide you with many Instagramable moments!  When using our containers, make sure to create a drainage layer in the base with pebbles and stones to allow the plant to drain excess water. Then pop them around your home.


Office Stationery 


If your desk is ready for a luxe update, use our pure brass containers to upgrade your pen pot.  Or if you have a few, you can get really organised and create single use stationery pots – highlighters and coloured pens in one, pencils or paper clips in another. 


Make Up


If your make-up drawer or bag is looking a little unruly, you can transfer your make up to your beautiful container.  Perfect for storing make-up brushes, or make-up tubes like mascara and lip gloss.  Creating a little display will make it easier to find your things and add a touch of glam to your bathroom. 


Table décor


Are you throwing a dinner party?  Or are you feeling creative and want to add a touch of whimsy to your fireplace?  Try adding some interesting objects to your pot to make a statement.  Think beautiful feathers, interesting branches, foliage, herbs, or tropical leaves.


Bathroom storage 


Upgrade your bathroom storage with a glamourous twist.   Put cotton buds or cotton pads into a pot with the lid and hide away those items that can easily disperse across the bathroom. Or try using as a fancy toothbrush holder. 


Flower vases


For a simple and stylish option, fill your container with fresh water and add your favourite blooms to decorate your home.  If you have a few containers to hand you can make a dramatic display, playing with the height and size of the flowers.
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