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For the Love of Brass

For the Love of Brass

Before launching The Muses, we spent months looking into the different options for each aspect of the candle.  Our candles were designed intentionally with a sustainability-led approach.  This meant that when looking at the different container options we knew we could do better than the cheap, standard glass containers you wouldn’t bother showing love to once they were empty.  You know the kind – clear or coloured glass that you automatically pop into the recycling once you are done with it. There is already too much waste from single use packaging burdening our planet, so it was vital to create something a little different.


We wanted our containers to be handmade, high quality, seriously chic and seriously sustainable! Something that would offer real options for repurposing and add a touch of understated glamour to an interior; an item that could be reused for years to come.  We decided hand-forged pure brass containers ticked all of our boxes. 


So what’s so wonderful about brass?  Brass has amazing eco credentials.  It is a cradle-to-cradle metal, meaning it is 100% recyclable and can be recycled or repurposed indefinitely without any material loss.  Each time it is recycled into a new product, the properties of the metal are retained.  So it can have an endless life.  No other material outside of metal can do this – not glass, ceramic, paper, wood or stone.     When it is recycled it uses 95% less energy than other materials.  It is lightweight and creates a smaller carbon footprint than glass when it comes to transportation.  The packaging needed to keep them safe during transportation is also lighter and there is no need to wrap the containers in bubble wrap (which is often the case when receiving glass from manufacturers) – reducing single use plastic.  It also looks fabulous in any interior.


Once you’ve burned your Muses candle, the keepsake container can take on a new purpose.  Once your candle has finished you can breathe new life into your container by putting it into the freezer for 20 minutes.  Pop the remaining wax out and wash it in hot, soapy water. Then it’s ready to repurpose as a bud vase, plant pot, cotton bud holder, make up brush holder, pen pot … if you have a few, you can create a little display.  The list is endless and that’s just how we like it.

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