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Scent Stories: BE

Scent Stories: BE

A time well spent discovering hidden talents and reigniting old passions.  Putting on your comfiest clothes and tying your hair up. Shutting off all notifications. Closing the door and feeling the world melt away.  Spending time with yourself and on yourself. Creating time to just be.


We designed our candles to be season-less.  Our fragrances are created to inspire you to take back your time and to create a little respite from the clutter of everyday life.  We finalised our fragrances pre-pandemic, but if there ever was a candle that captures the sentiment of the last 14 months it’s got to be our BE candle. A forced slow down over the last year allowed many of us to explore new hobbies and to discover new interests.  It’s a way of being that many of us  needed pre-pandemic but never allowed time for. And it’s this richness of time that we don’t want to let go of as life gets back to ‘normal’.  With Be we wanted to bring to life something that was casual, introspective, unhurried, but with a whiff of intention.  


We experimented quite a bit with this fragrance because we knew we wanted a scent that was fresh, subtle, sweet (but not too sweet) and nurturing all at the same time.  Eventually we landed on a unique union of green florals.  We layered fragrant, wild grasses with a gentle citrus twist of bergamot and lime.  To this we added the subtle woodiness from Himalayan bamboo and the sweet, green tones of violets and topped it all with lush, rich green foliage.  The result is as fresh, light and calming as we could have hoped for.  We hope you love it too.

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