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Fragrance zoning a tool for day-to-day wellbeing

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Let us introduce you to a powerful concept: fragrance zoning. A tool to help influence your day-to-day wellbeing, it's one of the ideas we built The Muses around.  

Fragrance zoning uses the power of scent to positively affect your mood - and the mood of your space - at different times of the day, and in different areas of your home, by pairing specific scents with specific actions.

As we continue to embrace our homes in new ways going forward, whether for socialising, recharging, exercising or working, the boundaries between each can blur. To be able to step into the best versions of ourselves (and help others!), we think it’s important to reinforce these boundaries. 

It's incredibly handy to help compartmentalise the day - from scents to help you focus when you're working from home, to scents that boost your resolve when you're exercising in your front room, or scents that create a relaxing atmosphere for when you're unwinding with a glass of wine in the evening. 



When we designed our candles we wanted them to offer benefits beyond beautiful scents. So we created a collection with different aromas to support the needs of your day.


Green florals and foliage. Light this when you’re spending time crafting, reading, journaling or working on that passion project for a gentle boost of creative energy.


Mellowing and earthy. Enjoy when it’s time to pamper. We’re talking meditations, yoga flows, a long soak in the bath… This one will offer up all of the zen you need.


Invigorating and citrusy. Light this when you’re battling your inbox, that looming deadline or need a fresh kick to get the housework done.


Green, spirited and uplifting.  Light when you’ve hit the mid-morning droop, need support to get through a workout or are just generally feeling a little ‘off’.


Inviting and warming. Perfect for escaping the screen.  Pop this on the table at dinner parties, catch-ups with friends over a much-needed coffee, or when the family comes over for quality-time well spent.

Mix-and-match and give zoning a go!

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