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Tips for having a self-care shower

Tips for having a self-care shower
Self-care rituals aren’t limited to indulgent baths (although we love those too).  While showers may be a somewhat autonomous part of your routine, these simple ideas will bring a more mindful approach to your wash.

Tip one: Invest in products that make you feel good

The products that you choose to put on your skin can make a huge difference to your overall shower experience (yes, even if you’re in and out in 5 minutes flat!). Treat yourself to a little indulgence in the form of luxurious body washes and delicious smelling hair care, to give yourself that holiday feeling at home. Try this Restorative Cream Body Wash from Aurelia London that gently cleanses the body whilst respecting the skin’s natural balance and leaves your limbs feeling nourished and supple.  

Tip two: Leave your phone out of the room

We know you do it, we do too, but taking your phone into the bathroom when you’re hitting the shower will only give your mind permission to wander to unread emails and notification alerts. Allow yourself the luxury of enjoying the time you have in a more mindful way by leaving it in another room, so you can be present to enjoy a moment of tranquility without distraction. 

Tip Three: Listen to music to set the mood

Shower time? Party time! Whatever your genre of choice, press play on your favourite soundtrack to bop to while you scrub. Of course, your phone won’t be in the room (remember?) so opt for a bluetooth speaker and crank up the volume. Try this playlist to get you going in the morning, and this one to wind down at night.

Tip Four: Light your favourite The Muses candle

How do you want to feel post shower? Our expertly crafted candles allow you to generate the mood you want to embody, so grab your favourite before you step in.  Whether you want to Supercharge your day or Kickback from the world, our candles put the control in your hands. Light it up before your shower, and let the smells transport you wherever you want to go.

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