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Mindful spring cleaning: The ultimate how-to!

Mindful spring cleaning: The ultimate how-to!

The shift into spring, with its promise of warmer weather and brighter landscapes, is always one to relish. Like every quarter of the year, it's also an opportunity to step back and reset.

One practice to embrace this season is spring cleaning! And whilst it may not sound the most fun, clearing and cleansing your home in a considered way is such a powerful act to set yourself up for success this spring.

No bleach or scrubbing on your hands and knees required - promise…

How to create a space that serves you this spring 

Step 1: Free yourself of clutter 

Whilst hanging onto bits and keeping hold of bobs is easily done, having a space that is clear of clutter can help you to also gain mental clarity. They don’t say “tidy house, tidy mind” for nothing. 

If you find clearing out hard, here’s a tip: For the next 30 days, find one thing each day that you can get rid of. Whether it’s an expired makeup product or something more sizable, this is a great way to turn over a new leaf, without so much overwhelm. 

Step 2: Get mindful with your products 

More mindful cleaning means also taking Mother Earth into consideration. There’s nothing conscious or calming about chemicals that wreak havoc on our environment, after all.

To up-level your routine, why not make some of your own natural products?

Not only will they be better for the planet, but the act of making them can be a mindful activity in itself. This spray cleaner can be used throughout the house and this floor cleaner will leave your room feeling fresh, without the need for harsh chemicals!

Step 3: Start scent scaping 

The most important step of all. But maybe we're biased…

Scent scaping is the act of using natural fragrances to signal how you want to feel, either room-by-room or simply based on activity. It means getting conscious about what your space smells like and how this should differ to serve your low and high energy needs!

As you settle into spring, try to use scent scaping in each location of your house to set the tone for a lovely season. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect The Muses candle or diffuser for every occasion.

Bedroom: Choose Kickback to calm and ground the senses, perfect for rest

Living room: Use Be to encourage connectedness with the moment and for alone time activities OR Unplug if you want to create an inviting atmosphere for friends and family

Home office/ Work space: Opt for Supercharge to get you in the right headspace to power through that to-do list or email inbox

Entrance way: Get Unplug to welcome people into your space and promote positive connection with friends and family

Kitchen: Uplift your spirit and get inspired to create your best recipe yet with Tonic

Bathroom: Reach for Kickback to create a zen-like atmosphere at bath time.


Enjoy! x

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