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Biophilic design could be the key to happy home

Biophilic design could be the key to happy home
Biophilic design.
As we’ve officially transitioned into spring, with the sun shining more and flora beginning to thrive, it's the perfect time to surround yourself by nature - and bring the outside in.
And biophilic design allows just that: It’s the architectural movement that blurs the lines between inside and outside, through consciously creating buildings that incorporate nature. Whilst knocking the whole house down and re-building with this in mind isn’t necessarily practical, embracing the natural world in your home this season is very doable.
It’s a brilliant way to set the tone for a happy day, whether you have time to go for a long walk or not!

4 ways to bring spring in 

1. Flowers & plants 

Simple, but gloriously effective. Flowers can completely change your space.
It’s important to keep Mother Earth in mind though, so opt for organic choices if they’re accessible to you. This means that your blooms won’t just be beautiful, but will promote biodiversity and won’t contribute to water and soil pollution.
Arena Flowers are great for making this super simple: Ethical beauties through your letterbox! What’s not to love?
For plants head over to Beards & Daisies to find the lesser spotted varieties you might not find in your local garden centre! And for extra bonus points, all their packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable.

2. Seasonal cooking 

This is another brilliant way to show the earth some love, whilst embracing seasonal changes in your home. It can make you feel so much more connected to nature.
Fresh produce to make the most of in spring includes…
Spring Greens
Spring Onions
If you fancy getting involved, this leek risotto with kale pesto sounds divine and this celeriac, potato and beetroot gratin is also bound to be a winner. 

3. Use scent 

The natural world is full of so many wonderful scents. Granted, it’s also full of not-so-pleasant ones, but we’d rather leave those out of our living room…
This season, embrace home fragrances that remind you of the great outdoors.  Anything citrus, herbaceous or floral works well.  The key is to harness your scent memories to help create a more mindful connection with the world outside your front door.

4. Accessorise with spring colours


 After months of darkness and cocooning ourselves at home, now is the time to switch it up a little.  It doesn't have to result in a major revamp of your interior space - a few well-placed accessories in your favourite springtime hues will help create that seasonal step change you are craving.
Bring in soft pastels like pale pink, baby blue, lilac or  mint green. These are all colours associated with springtime and can have a calming and refreshing influence on your space.
Or if you are still hankering after a sense of cosy, add some warm, earthy tones to your space.  Colours like olive green, terracotta or warm browns offer a more neutral and 'natural' take on spring.

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