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Sweet, peppery basil and hot, spicy cloves are beautifully blended with chilled citrus peel, giving a sparkling, herbaceous kick to this blend.  Finished with the green, sharpness of tomato leaf and the delicately smoky, milky notes of sandalwood. 

Tonic has a medium to strong throw -  offering a beautiful scent that lingers, even when it’s not burning.




Mood boosting


Tonic is spirited and uplifting.

Pair with moments in your day that need a lift or motivation - front room work out, those mid-afternoon slumps, down days, home admin!

Our keepsake pure brass container was hand-forged by skilful artisans and was created to be beautifully repurposed.  Each piece is perfectly imperfect – slight flaws on the surface are part of the charm.

1. The first burn is the most important. Burn your scented candle for up to 4 hours the first time, or until the wax has melted to the edges.

2. After the initial burn light for up to 3 hours at a time. The recommended burning time is between 2 - 3 hours to get the best fragrance from your candle.

3. Trim the wick if it needs it before each burn. A small flower shape may form at the tip of wick (this is perfectly normal), simply remove the small petals with your fingers or carefully trim with a wick trimmer.

4. Keep the candle away from draughts such as windows, fans or open AC vents.

5. Don't blow out your candle, rather use a snuffer (ideally), or dip the wick in the wax with a chopstick.

6. When your candle has 5mm of wax left at the bottom, it has finished and it is advised not to burn it further.


220g/ 7.7 oz. + 40 hours

110g/ 3.8 oz.+ 20 hours

The wax in our luxury scented candles is a 100% Natural Wax Blend: Soy wax - certified sustainable, natural, manufactured from renewable sources, biodegradable; Rapeseed wax - natural, renewable, biodegradable; Coconut wax - natural, high-yield crop, renewable,, biodegradable; Beeswax - natural, ethically harvested, renewable and biodegradable.

We fragrance our candles using essential oils and botanical fragrance oils which are free from phthalates, parabens, sulphates (& more).

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