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Re-use your Diffuser Set or convert your Muses Candle brassware with this Diffuser Refill, add a lid, and your new diffuser is ready to fill your space with beautiful scents. 

This beautifully blended 100ml diffuser refill has been designed to help create a playful, inviting atmosphere. 


Soft, velvety petals of rose and freesia beautifully compliment the musky tones of honey amber, creating a delicate, warm, sweet scent at the heart of this blend.  The mellow, fresh essence of pear adds a subtle, fruity layer.  Earthy, woody notes of patchouli quietly rest in the base. 


Promotes a gentle focus & sense of awareness | Creates a playful and inviting atmosphere | Encourages engagement


Pair with moments of connection: dinner parties, family get-togethers, long overdue catch ups over coffee or drinks.

Place in spaces where you entertain and engage with family and friends: living room, dining space, family room, hallway.


100ml Bottle Diffuser Fragrance | Replacement Rattan Reeds

Diffuser Base:

  • Bio-based and from renewable sources.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Non alcoholic.


  • Essential oils
  • Botanical fragrance oils

Allow 48 hours for scent to fill the room.

1. Unscrew lid from fragrance bottle and place in the container (do not pour directly into the vessel).

2. Fit the brass lid onto the container.

3. Start with 8 reeds (thin) OR 5-6 (thick) - adjust number of reeds over the first few days to tweak scent intensity.

4. Flip reeds regularly - every 1-2 days, to freshen the scent.

5. Place in a space with good air circulation.

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