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Flow state just got simple

Flow state just got simple

Flow state.

It’s that feeling of suddenly realising you’ve been working on something for an hour, when it’s felt like minutes. It’s being fully engrossed in the task at hand. It’s productivity, without stress.

Achieving flow state often happens when you're least expecting it; even though it can have the most profound impact on your day!

However, by getting conscious and putting some measures in place to encourage “flow”, it is possible to enjoy it on a more regular basis. 


3 steps for achieving flow state 

Step 1: Pick the right tasks 

Let’s be honest: Flow just isn’t going to happen with a task you hate.

Cleaning the loo (unless it’s a passion of yours - no judgement) probably isn’t going to get you into the right headspace. You need to be doing something that you can derive joy from.

Equally though, it needs to be something on your to-do list that has a little bit of challenge to it; not something that you could do half asleep and with your back turned!

Step 2: Cut distractions

Or at least reduce them as much as you possibly can!

Put that phone in another room (and switch it off), tell anyone you live with that you need a couple of hours alone and perhaps even pull the plug on your wifi if it’s possible.  

Step 3: Set the tone

You can do this in a few different ways, but here’s what we recommend.

Firstly, choose lighting that works for you. Either throw open those curtains for some lovely natural sunshine or use a smart bulb to create the vibe that best suits your task, be it warm and calming, or cooler and more invigorating.

Next, pop on some music that doesn’t have lyrics but creates a nice background noise. Any sounds within your house or on the street won’t be as noticeable, so won’t pull you out of your focus.

Finally, use scent scaping! This is the act of using the power of aromatherapy to set the tone for your home. In this case, base how your room will smell on the type of task you hope to get into flow for. 

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