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My typical work from home 'fragrance' day

My typical work from home 'fragrance' day

Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, there’s a fragrance for that…

Scent scaping is the process of using your sense of smell to encourage your brain to feel a certain way. It’s been shown time and time again that scents can almost “hack” our minds, so that we can enhance our moods and mindset in whatever direction we choose.

One of the key ways of achieving this is to establish rituals with scent, to help create associations within your brain. Here's my typical "work from home" fragrance day...



I like to kickstart my working day with the bright, citrus notes found in Supercharge. This invigorating blend of Sicilian lemons, lemongrass, crushed ginger and coriander helps me feel focused and productive at a time in my day when I have energy and am raring to go – which is all important when you have a super long to-do list!

I have a dedicated space at home for my work so rather than light a candle in this space, I use one of our reed diffusers to create my invigorating, productive atmosphere. When I need a boost – I light one of the small Supercharge candles to add a little extra va va voom.



Depending on my agenda and mood, some days I switch over to Tonic to help me overcome the mid-afternoon slump, to pep me up a bit. It’s verdant and herbaceous and offers a spirited and uplifting scent to help boost my mood and motivation.

I move away from my desk, light up Tonic, hydrate, put on some music and if I’m feeling very virtuous, a little burst of exercise. It helps change my energy and frequency – allowing me to move through the afternoon with a bit more vigour.



At the end of the day, I shut everything down, pack away my work things, sort out the kids and their chaos and light Kickback – it’s a signal to my brain that I’m moving into a quieter phase of the day. The earthy notes from fig and the clean, calming notes from jasmine blossom, help me unwind.

My go-to rest rituals during the week involve a bath and TV. I’ve placed our Kickback diffuser in the bathroom for permanent restful vibes, and a candle in the living room where I watch tv.

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